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Dr. Constance P. Hargrave is a professor of Learning Technologies and Human Computer Interaction at Iowa State University. She researches the effects of an urban teaching internship on pre-service teachers’ perceptions of the academic abilities and aspirations of students of color and evaluates the outcome of Science Bound, a precollege-through-college program dedicated to empowering students of color to pursue careers in STEAM. She also teaches courses, which she considers a vital part of her role as a professor.

Dr. Hargrave earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Communications Studies from Evangel University and her Master of Arts in Communications and Training Technology from the University of Northern Iowa before she joined the Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory as its first science education outreach coordinator.  She earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instructional Technology from Iowa State University in Curriculum and Instructional Technology then went on to before serving as a senior associate for educational technology and science education at the DOE in Washington and later joining the ISU faculty.

Dr. Hargrave has been instrumental to the Science Bound program, serving as its director for more than 11 years. Her mentorship, research, and outreach have been recognized by the ISU Alumni Association, the Iowa Governor’s STEM Council, Excelencia in Education, and the Iowa African American Hall of Fame.


In her teaching and lectures, Dr. Hargrave frequently talks about how to make science programs accessible to all and to make people from all backgrounds feel welcome in academia. Her key advice: We must change the dominant narrative to include folks from all circumstances.

For further information on Dr. Hargrave, please visit her personal website:

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